RoofSnap Roofing Software

We Pioneered Mobile Roof Measurement Software

RoofSnap invented two patent pending user interfaces that make measuring roofs on a touch screen device possible.
RoofSnap is innovation. All others are merely imitation.

What We Do

Why we do what we do.

We are a software company that was built from the ground up to provide solutions to problems we have seen in the roofing industry. We are driven to provide high quality applications for roofers and insurance adjusters.

Why build software for the roofing industry?

We build solutions for roofers because we are roofers... or, used to be anyway. We understand the needs of the common roofer and the advanced roofing estimators. We also understand the lingo and what tools make our lives easier. We infused this knowledge and expertise into our products to allow you to use them to help you grow your business and compete in a rapidly competitive market.

We believe that good technology should become better & less expensive with time.

We're driven to bring truly innovative products to the roofing industry. Our goal is to make your life easier & your company more profitable. The days of measuring roofs by hand or spending $50 for an overly detailed report are over.


"I can't believe how easy this is. I'm at my customer's house doing a roof inspection, I pulled my iPad out, within 3 minutes I have all the measurements I need...AMAZING!!! The best part is, it only cost a fraction of what I usually pay. Who would have thought my iPad and this app could help my business this much!!! Very impressed."

"This app is awesome and and has saved our organization thousands per month while providing exponential increases in productivity. My team loves it and we are blowing away the competition."

"This app is GREAT! Very affordable and extremely accurate."

"In my profession I would normally have to go to the customer's house, climb a ladder and hand measure their roof. Now with this handy app, I simply pull up the location, sketch the roof and enter the "pitch" all while sitting in the safety and comfort of my truck."

RoofSnap Products

Create accurate aerial roof measurements, estimates, material orders, contracts & lots more all on your iPad or iPhone. It's a great tool for insurance adjusters & roofers to document inspection notes & photos while in the field.

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Apple iOS

RoofSnap MAX - iPhones and iPads

RoofSnap MAX is the best roofing app available for iOS. You can quickly and easily measure and esitmate the simplest to most complex roofs in half the time it takes to purchase a report from another source.

Google Android

RoofSnap - Android phones and tablets

RoofSnap for Android changes everything. You can now quickly and easily measure the simplest to most complex roofs. Best of all, you can seamlessly access your projects on both your Android phone and tablet.

RoofSnap SketchOS

SketchOS - Sketch Ordering Service

Our Sketch Ordering Service (SketchOS) allows RoofSnap subscribers to order projects that are sketched by our in-house sketch techs and fulfilled within hours of ordering.

RoofSnap Platform Feature Comparison

RoofSnap is excited to announce that we've released a sketch only version of the next generation of our existing RoofSnap App.

The next generation of RoofSnap for Android is compatible with all existing and future projects for cross platform accessibility. If you have an Android device, RoofSnap is a must have!  Take back your measurements with RoofSnap!

*Android Full Functionality Coming Soon!

Compatible Android Specs
  • Device MUST have Google Play Services Installed
  • Kindle Fire Not Supported
  • Devices with low powered processors may experience degraded performance
  • Devices with low resolution (dpi) may experience degraded performance
  • Requires Android 4.4 KitKat and up

Apple iOS

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Available for iPhones and iPads
  • check Aerial Measurements
  • check Drone Measurements
  • check Blueprint Measurements
  • check Integrated Imagery Options
  • check Inspection Pins
  • check Customize Waste Percentage
  • check Measurement Report
  • check Project Estimating
  • check Dynamic Contracts
  • check Material Ordering
  • check Profitability Reports
  • check Project Management
  • check Free Support


  • Unlimited Projects
  • Available for phones and tablets
  • check Aerial Measurements
  • check Drone Measurements
  • check Blueprint Measurements
  • check Integrated Imagery Options
  • close Inspection Pins
  • check Customize Waste Percentage
  • check Measurement Report
  • close Project Estimating
  • close Dynamic Contracts
  • close Material Ordering
  • close Profitability Reports
  • close Project Management
  • check Free Support

Product Lines In Our System

...or create your own custom products